About the Company

Well, it’s a story that takes us back to 1992. 1992 is when Al started Al’s Bins Ltd in the hopes to one day grow his name and start in the waste management industry. In 1993 there was a business named Litta Binz, Al had his eye on this business and soon bought out Litta Binz and changed their name to Al’s Litta Binz. In 1998 Al asked his son Donald to join in the business and become an owner.

During this process, Al wanted to concentrate on the future and streamline his business so he sold out the drum collections to Browns Bins in 2009.

Today Al’s Litta Binz is standing strong with 8 employees each who have added valuable knowledge and experience to the business. We are proud to be a locally owned and a family operated business. Our purpose is to provide an exceptional rubbish removal service at the lowest price for our customers. We appreciate all feedback, suggestions and are grateful for the wide range of clientele we have built over the 25 years of operating.

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