Terms and Conditions


Terms & Conditions of Supply
1. Our Promise
We will supply you a wheelie bin at your specified address and weekly empty the bin of compactible general household and green waste rubbish. We agree to provide you with a wheelie bin for the duration of your contract and, where fair wear and tear has occurred, will repair or replace the bin.
2. Acceptance of Terms
In accepting delivery of the bin, making the first payment and/or receiving the first bin empty, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.
3. Contract Term
Our contracts are for either 52 consecutive weeks or 26 consecutive weeks. No deductions from payments due can be made for holidays, missed empty due to the bin not being placed kerbside by the required time or overloading.
4. Restricted Contents
Only general household waste and green waste may be deposited into the wheelie bin. You may not place other waste into the bin, including paint, oil, hot ashes, flammables, concrete, steel, gravel, soil, dead animals, offal, tyres, hazardous substances, sharp or heavy substances which may puncture the bin, tightly packed sand, earth, stone or rubble.
5. Liability
You accept that you are liable to us for any damage to or theft of a wheelie bin which occurs while it is in your possession (subject to fair wear and tear).
6. Overloaded Bins
If your wheelie bin is overloaded such that the lid cannot shut fully, it will not be emptied. Only the contents of the bin will be emptied, not additional material placed alongside or on top of the bin.
7. Refund
The cancellation of a 26 week or 52 week contract before completion requires 4 weeks notice and will incur a $50 administration fee.
8. Collection Time
Your wheelie bin must be placed at the kerbside by 8am on the morning of your collection day.
9. Client Responsibility
If your bin is not placed kerbside by 8am, we take no responsibility to empty the bin and no credit is due to you in those circumstances. We are not liable to you for any loss due to a delay or failure to empty a bin if the cause or delay or failure is beyond our control.
10. Property
The wheelie bin remains our property at all times. You agree that a company representative may at any time enter your premises to uplift the wheelie bin.
11. Public Holidays
We will continue to collect your bin on a Public Holiday unless we advise you otherwise by way of a posting on our website.
12. Price Changes
We reserve the right to review prices for our services at the expiry of the term of your contract.
13. Direct Debit
On commencement of hiring a wheelie bin on direct debit payment, you must make an initial payment to cover the first 4 weeks collections. We will deduct a weekly, fortnightly or monthly payment by means of direct debit for the rest of the contract term provided that you must always remain paid up 4 weeks in advance. If you cancel the contract without giving 4 weeks notice, the payment in advance may be applied to meet that payment period. If your direct debit payment fails we will recover the unpaid amount the following week or fortnight. If payment falls on a Public Holiday, then the direct debit will be taken the following business day. Please note we do not accept Automatic Payments.
14. Changes to Terms and Conditions
We reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions from time to time by notification on our website.