We have proudly serviced the Hutt Valley District for over 30 years, and are a family run company taking pride in our business and in supporting our community. Firstly we would like to thank you for your ongoing support as a customer of ours, and we hope that you have found our service reliable and competitive.

We write to you because of planned changes to waste collection which if implemented by Hutt City Council, will affect your ability to choose us as your service provider. If the proposed changes proceed, our local business will be shut down in Lower Hutt.

Two of Hutt City Council’s preferred options remove your ability to choose your rubbish supplier, so you will be forced to having a council-run service, where you can’t control the choice or the price.  Even worse, those options will undermine waste minimisation – meaning more rubbish going to landfills and less to recycling.  And it means your rates will go up.

We strongly believe that choice and competition firstly supports waste minimisation – because user-pays gives you the incentive to waste less – and, secondly, gives you flexible and competitive service offerings. We believe that our customers should maintain the right to choose their supplier, and not be forced into any one system that may not suit their individual needs.

We write to you for support to help us keep choice and competition in the Lower Hutt waste market. Over time, monopolies are bad for consumers, because the inability to choose your price and service that suits your needs will lead to an inferior service over time.  And it will undermine the environmental goals our community supports.

To help support choice, better environmental outcomes, and the ability to choose your provider, service frequency and collection price in future – please make a submission through  www.modernwaste.co.nz or alternatively, you can send an email to submissions@huttcity.govt.nz if you would like to tell council you would not like this change to happen.

It only takes 30 seconds to have your say – that you want to maintain choice of supplier and price – whether that be council – or an existing local supplier – to keep everyone honest, and your rates lower.

Many thanks for your kind considerations of our letter and, again, thank you for supporting local business and our service.

Donald and Emma Gregory – Owners Al’s Litta Bins